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Short Fiction


Published in the debut issue (Spring 2017) of Greater Sum.

A man's wife and unborn daughter die unexpectedly. But what if he could get his daughter back? A faerie tale written in the style of Hans Christian Anderson.


Letters to an Old God

Letters to an Old God

The events that precipitated the First War Among Men; on the continent of Tarn on a planet called Earth--not to be confused with the planet Earth with which you are familiar (for clarity, if not accuracy, your Earth is Earth One; this is Earth Two); as recorded by the Archivist; events beginning on the 5th day of the 2nd month of the 1,234 Year since the Treaty (5-2-1234 YT; 4,406 Absolute Year; apologies to American readers for the day-first date formatting). All notes are notes of the Archivist (unless otherwise specified).


When a terrorist attack destroys the city of Ankan, the government sends for Tyran, the world's foremost expert on magical destruction and a Shard--a magician who focuses energy through crystals. The president is focused on blaming the tree people in order to start a war to steal their land. When what Tyran finds becomes more complicated than the president hopes for, factions emerge that will tear the country apart.

Approximately 80,000 words.

Last updated 02 February 2017

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